Colin Archer ~ February Designer of the Month


Photo from the Australian Dictionary of Biography

Colin Archer is one of the most influential yacht designers of all time and February’s Designer of the Month. Born in Norway and raised in Australia, Archer was part of a family of sailors. Before beginning his career as a naval architect and shipbuilder, he explored the Fitzroy River in Australia with his brothers. When he began designing, he maintained the explorer mindset, finding ways to make his hulls as efficient as possible. Many of his designs became known for their safety and stability. The Fram, his most renowned design, survived historic expeditions to both the north and south poles with the famed polar explorer Roald Amundsen aboard.


Archer’s double-ender is one of the most imitated designs in history. Annapolis’ own Antalya is built as near to Colin Archer’s original 1898 design as can be imagined today. The only significant change was the transfer of the ballast from internal to external. Antalya has been meticulously maintained and was built to a standard seldom seen on yachts of any build.